Arvind has been motivating young minds with his words as an academician, with his experiences as an adventurer and with his life as a deifier of limitations. No matter what the size of the group is, he is revered as a speaker who “connects to the individuals” and does not confine to sessions for sharing the fire and the flames of motivation. As an educator, he has continuously been a mentor to push students for pursuit of their dreams. Most of his speeches are part of his “Climate Literacy Program”. As a climate change activist and author, he raises his voice for moral ethics in this warming world highlighting key variables and immediate solutions.

As an adventurer, he has constantly generated a massive hunger in minds to break barriers and surpass limits and choose non-conformity. As a passionate photographer, he takes his audience down the lane of some exotic photo stories. As a blogger, he narrates his wanderlust in the form of a never-heard-before story. So if you are an academic institution, or a corporation or a group of individuals, Arvind will definitely have something to offer.

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