Making Individuals CARBON NEGATIVE

Let us take responsibility for our own carbon footprints


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About C-Negative Campaign

Most of the technological outputs such as transport, energy consumption for our leisure or basic lifestyle choices as simple as eating processed food results into some amount of carbon emission. These are our individual carbon footprints and we need to take responsibility for it. C-Negative campaign aims to bring paradigm shift in individuals’ behaviour by targeting active engagement of 1 million carbon negative citizens.
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Let us be accountable to our Planet

We all share equal obligations to environment and Mother Nature. While more nations ratify Paris deal, you can fight climate change by ratifying C-Negative charter. We need more emotional depth towards climate change and taking responsibility for own carbon footprints is the least we should do. We request you and your organization to join hands with us and make our goals achievable.

Become a Climate Literate Individual/Organisation

Climate literacy is simple understanding of our influence on climate and climate’s influence on us and society. A climate literate person understands the necessity of action towards climate change, has responsible opinions, communicates effectively about climate change in a meaningful way and is able to make informed and responsible decisions with regard to actions that may affect climate – directly or indirectly. Society needs citizens who have an understanding of climate science. Our youth needs to know how to apply that knowledge in their careers and in their engagement as active members of their communities.

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