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# Goal No 13

Sustainable Development Goals- United Nations

Making Individuals CARBON NEGATIVE

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Speaker, Adventurer, Climate Change activist & Author

From a small village in North India to becoming a globetrotting wanderer, from a paralysis threatening spine injury in 2010 to delivering the World’s Longest Lecture in 2014 and creating a Guinness World Record, from a mechanical design engineer to a professor of mechanical engineering, from an engineering academician to a technological pessimist and climate change activist, I constantly travel from something to something else- to explore new state of minds and new roads.

I believe that our earth and its ecosystem should be given utmost importance in the process of modernisation, and should remain beautiful and sustainable as it used to be.My journeys are centred on spreading awareness on climate change and basic ethics for everyone to follow.

C-Negative Movement

Arvind’s Trans India Cycling is a solution centric ‘Travel & Talk’ program that aspires to make people self conscious about climate change. While more nations continue to ratify Paris deal, Trans India campaign aims to bring paradigm shift in individuals’ behaviour by targeting active engagement of 1 million carbon negative citizens. This is made practically possible by signing C-Negative charter to eliminate, reduce and offset our own carbon footprints.

C-Negative Charter is a systematically designed blueprint and ratifying to it requires just a nominal amount of emotional depth towards our climate. Come, let us celebrate this festival of sustainability and pass on this world to next generation.

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Your individual behaviour is the first step towards changing climate change. Join million responsible citizens and pledge ratification to C-Negative Charter.

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